Bridging the gap between Immigrants and Immigration Service Providers! powered by ESMSYS is a marketplace for US Immigrants and Professionals which networks, refers and schedules them directly. Our search and reach platform is free for immigrants, companies and EB5 sectors looking for listed US Immigration Lawyers, Attorneys and Civil Surgeons.

It is a brainchild of IT Guru, Dharmesh Patel. Having gone through the arduous immigration and green card medical process himself, he realized how complicated, expensive and time-consuming the entire process was! And, that’s how the need to streamline this process emerged and easyIME came into being.

Within a short span of time, easyIME has touched hundreds of thousands of lives and carved an impressive niche for itself. At easyIME our meticulous service and dedication toward our varied clientele defines us. You can be rest assured that skilled representatives will be available for your support 24x7.

Making the Immigration and Green Card medical exam process easier!

easyIME strives to redefine standards in the immigration industry through unparalleled quality and unsurpassed service to all our clients.

The free easyIME services bring together the most efficient and yet the most affordable of resources together for the immigration medical exam for Green Card applicants right where they live.

By working closely with authorized Immigration Lawyers, Attorneys and USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon, we hope to achieve a marketplace where Immigrants are served with authentic, reliable services and standardized pricing across the country.

Our mission is to be the ultimate solution for all your immigration needs in just a single visit or two, with the help of latest technological advancements. Immigration Professionals – Lawyers and Civil Surgeons, too, can make the best use of easyIME. They can instantly become our member lawyers and doctors and start getting applicants who have immigration issues or medical applicants who want to go through the Medical examination. We know how busy the Immigration Professionals are and so we aim to manage it all - right from screening to appointment scheduling to making sure that the immigration process goes through smoothly and stays hassle-free.

Service Assured Guidance. 24 X 7 Support!

Meticulous service is all about precision and synchronization. easyIME synchronizes with applicants, USCIS civil surgeons and immigration lawyers so that each step toward the immigration and green card medical exam process goes by smoothly. Our comprehensive web design packages offer service screening, competitive pricing, secure online patient forms, sealed envelopes, bi-lingual support, availability check for immigration professionals, viz, the immigration lawyers and civil surgeons, online appointment scheduling and verification, error free I-693 forms, case profiling and much more. Applicants can even check their application status on the website.

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