EasyIme A Marketplace for Immigration: easyIME is one stop solution for Green Card medical examination by connecting the applicants to USCIS approved civil surgeons on real time basis and completing the entire process in fastest way vs standard 3 visits. The service is free for the green card applicants and our paid customers are the USCIS approved civil surgeon (doctors). By access to Immigrants and USCIS dependents, easyIME becomes unique marketplace for immigration.
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Jahernotice is a unique marketplace which facilitates people associated with the real estate industry to stay updated about land and property related public notice advertisements that are published in the daily newspapers. Two unique and distinct benefits / advantages of Jahernotice.com are i) Property Protection & ii) Profitable Investment. In real estate industry, protecting your property against any encumbrances is of prime importance and every property owner invariably wants to keep his property protected. Jahernotice.com is the only available tool for ensuring this. Further, people engaged in real estate industry also want to invest in property / land for profitable future returns. Jahernotice.com, through its research tools and expert inputs from the experienced realtors associated with us, carries out a thorough analysis on the areas / locations which are hot and happening for investment and recommends them to their customers for profitable returns. In nut shell, a basket of nine different services offered by Jahernotice caters to the two critical requirements of our customers as described above.
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XtraCHEF is an invoice processing and cost intelligence platform to help the restaurant industry chop costs. Simply take a picture of your paper invoices with our mobile app (or scan and upload) and xtraCHEF does the rest. Our technology digitizes the entire invoice, extracts line-item detail, and imports the data directly into your Accounting and/or Inventory Management Systems. We also provide price tracking and trends reports and COGS analytics to enable more informed purchasing decisions.

easyBuilder bypasses human intervention in handling some key functionalities like management of inquiry, sales and inventory, work status & reporting at various level of the construction process, which in turn, maximizes productivity and err-free operations.

easyHR The Human Resource module developed by esmsys has a set of robust features and what’s more, it integrates seamlessly with other modules that will help your organization to deliver uninterrupted stream of HR functionalities. The HR module from esmsys covers all the functions required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize your business processes by configuring to suit customer requirements individually.