Aashish Patel

CEO of esmsys


Ashish Patel, a young Investor and CEO of esmsys, is a leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, by having a unique blend of executive acumen in the technology, sand mining, hotels and horticulture businesses, to name a few.

Ashish’s career includes holding leadership roles in the Sand mining industry, wherein he oversaw the leasing of commercially used sand to various parts of Gujarat. His keen business acumen has seen the “The West End Hotel” in Ahmedabad emerge as a popular hotel for both tourists and corporate travelers. He extends his business intellect to Horticulture too, by supervising Ambica Horticulture and Farming, and this enterprise has won acclaim for over a decade now, in both Gujarat and other parts of the country. Rich and exotic flowers from Ambica find their place in many big industries, apart from lining major highways in many parts of the Gujarat region.

Ashish holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He is an active member in various NGO’s. As an avid entrepreneur, he loves socializing; he is a good singer and his passion is Palmistry, which he has mastered well.  

Dharmesh Patel

COO of esmsys


Dharmesh Patel, the young and dynamic COO of esmsys, leads the company with the cutting-edge of human interface technology, aided by a talented and focused team dedicated towards driving innovation. Dharmesh keenly follows a vision- to push human interface technology to newer heights of creativity and innovation.

Dharmesh has garnered a decade of vast experience in the Software field; he is not only an Oracle specialist but carries a strong IT financial background. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from India, MIS from United States and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Jack Welch management institute.

Having a successful educational background, in 2001 he started his career as a helpdesk programmer and database administrator with Clarkstown, Central School District (CCSD) New York. Between 2005 and 2011 he worked as Asst. CFO for MX Energy, now known as Constellation. Dharmesh was also one of the key members in helping Constellation acquire MX Energy, a leading supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services for home and businesses across U.S Continental.

Armed with a strong software background and backed by firm knowledge in the energy business domain from MX Company Dharmesh started outsourcing energy audit and doing hardware/ software consultancy projects of U$100 to $1000 parallel to his CCSD job in 2003. And slowly esmsys emerged, an Enterprise Service Management company having expertise not only in the field of IT but which also actively caters to other industries like brand development, human management and financial service. esmsys makes its base in Stamford, CT (USA) with subsidiary offices located in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The first dream project at esmsys was easyIME, a unique first-of-its-kind application in U.S, that facilitates immigration aspirants to take on the Immigration Medical Exam with ease . easyIME has streamlined this integral part of the Immigration process, making it transparent and hassle-free for the customer and Civil Surgeon. Immigration lawyers too can stand to benefit from using easyIME for their customers.

Inspite of leading a hectic, action-packed life Dharmesh strongly believes in giving back to society and is an active member of the American Red Cross. He fulfils his passion for learning and teaching by taking classes for NGO groups. With tennis as his favorite sport, he likes to relax and keep fit by playing the game whenever he finds the time. Above all this, he cherishes family values and spends a reasonable amount of time with his family members.

Payal Patel

CFO of esmsys

Payal Patel, the young and vibrant CFO of esmsys, with her keen financial knowledge and background is the backbone of the company. She drives governance in maintaining and recording timely and accurate financial data for the company, while providing both operational and programmatic support to the organization.

With a career spanning over 15 years in the financial service and corporate lending verticals Payal has accumulated vast knowledge of the book keeping and company financials. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in computer science with a dual major in mathematics and a Masters of Business Administration, coupled with specialization in Finance from New York University (Langone School of Business).

Payal possesses various skills including financial data analysis, risk management and assessment, regulatory reporting and record keeping. Her first job opportunity was at Prudential Financial Inc., the life insurance and asset management behemoth, in the IT department. Moving on, Payal joined GE Capital, and she was soon selected for GE’s prestigious Risk Management Leadership Program (RMLP), designed to build future risk leaders. Under the program Payal was provided with opportunities to exercise her responsibility, integrity, and creativity while growing her career and clientele business.

At GE Capital Payal’s skill set and financial acumen were further accentuated with her experience in GE Capital as Sr. Portfolio manager and Vice President. Here she oversaw business connections with major retail credit card clients such as Walmart, GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Home Depot. While in the USA for 8+ years, Payal developed expertise in evaluating risk behaviours of credit card customers through strategy and data analytics. While monitoring banking activities of the organization she also ensured that there were adequate cash flows to meet the organization’s needs.

Later on Payal moved, to oversee GE Capital’s India operations, as Manager, Data Analytics team. Here she gained a lot of experience in carefully evaluating customer data for the end-to- end cycle of a credit card business including marketing, risk and collections. Payal also gained proficiency in investigating cost-effective benefit plans which an organization could offer its employees and potential employees with the goal of attracting and retaining qualified individuals. She adeptly managed the process to ensure that regulatory requirements were met in maintaining accurate reporting and analysis of the customer data. Payal was part of a team to conduct several internal and external audits as part of the new regulatory requirements under the Card Act.

In her free time Payal loves to read and teach. She actively participates in activities to enhance school education for needy children, while teaching them about financial responsibility at a young age.


Esmsys Team:

esmsys, an Enterprise Service Management company, having a base in Stamford, CT (USA) with subsidiary offices located in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad are a team of individuals with varied skills and experience in the field of IT consultancy, Brand Development and Financial Services. The team is a mix of industry professionals with a wide array of functional expertise and domain exposures.

Our team is our greatest asset and biggest differentiator with a can-do attitude. We are passionate about delivering results to clients, and also believe in having a lot of fun along the way. However, that does not take away from our focus on work, with a rampant need to facilitate rapid growth for our business clients.

esmsys deploys experienced network professionals and ensures that they are trained on the appropriate processes, technology, customer environment and objectives. The company has experience in providing IT services for up to 20,000 users. esmsys’s long history and extensive experience in supporting high security environment assures that we can proactively integrate security into each phase of the life cycle.