Stay updated, stay a winner…

esmsys has always believed in offering high-tech software solutions after conducting in-depth market research and finding specific requisite of the consumers. is a real estate customized tool that will prove to be a paradigm shift in the real estate industry of the Gujarat. is conceptualized and designed in such a manner that it enables people to stay informed about day-to-day notifications pertaining to real estate property related notices like title clearing, price alternations, land dealing notices, property agreements, notices etc.

Customers can get notified about public notices and land dealings by different communication mediums like call, SMS, whatsapp and email. Also, it enables customers search functionality by which customers can search notices by different criteria like first name, last name, area, survey number, city and phone number. By this functionality, customers can retrieve old archives and records. 

Simply by subscribing to the plan best suitable to them, customers can get updated about recent happenings in the real estate industry. This tool is best for those who are associated with the real estate industry or for people who are interested in real estate dealings.