esmsys was engaged by Getting More, a popular negotiation model, for upgrading the Getting More website, endowing it with a fresh look & feel, while developing a robust application system that could be used for online access and training by students and employees across organizations of the world. Created by the renowned management consultant and professor at Wharton School, USA, Stuart Diamond, Getting More is a powerful negotiation tool. Prof. Stuart Diamond is a renowned authority on the art of ‘Negotiation’ and serves as a consultant to several corporations and governments across the world. In a span of 20 years, his workshops have helped train over 30,000 students in 45 countries, helping them to make the best use of the revolutionary method of “getting your way” each time. 

esmsys was accorded the task of revamping the web application for Prof. Diamond’s students, while helping to make it a user-friendly, dynamic and real-time ‘Negotiation’ training system.

The Getting More website has emerged as an easily navigable, user-friendly training tool that has already helped train hundreds of students since its launch. What is proficient about this system is its ability to gauge the perceptive faculties of the student and generate a report relevant to his or needs, based on the inputs received. A typical scenario today, previously unimaginable, is a class of as many as 400 students taking the course online while receiving real-time training. 

Since its release, a number of courses have been created online on the system, and from these, a vast number of surveys were completed successfully.