The United States of America continues to be a place for individual opportunity and provides them with access to enhanced financial stability. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, facilitated through the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Centers (ASEDC) in strategic partnership with us at esmsys, is an option for Indian investors seeking permanent residency or a Green Card status for themselves and their family.

The federally designated regional center, ASEDC, with principal from the Ashcroft Group LLC, has earned reputation through EB5 Projects with integrity and a track record for accelerating successful Green Card Immigrations.

The group has Tag Holdings LLC, a leading company in the USA that excels in building powerful business alliances that help to create opportunities and expand markets, as stakeholders.

Managing their EB5 Program in India, esmsys brings the opportunity to immigrate to the USA through investment which entitles you a Green Card for you and your dependent family. Meet us to know the investment qualifications and other criteria, and to know more about the reliable EB5 project, and the road to the USA.

Visit our Regional Center website : aseb5.com

Visit the EB5 Project Site website : nesportsvillage.com

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