The Human Resource module developed by esmsys has a set of robust features and what’s more, it integrates seamlessly with other modules that will help your organization to deliver uninterrupted stream of HR functionalities. The HR module from esmsys covers all the functions required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize your business processes by configuring to suit customer requirements individually.

The HR Module from esmsys – the “Employee Self-Service” module comprises of different sub-systems:

Time Management:

This includes employee attendance through time recording, shift planning, absence and leave management processes. This module also effectively calculates average time of every individual.

Task Management :

This module consists of an inbox that is displayed employee-wise, comprising of individual tasks, deadline dates, task descriptions, task types and task status, with ‘done’ or ‘pending’ tasks. There is an option of task allocation, so that tasks can be allocated to another employee, if required.

A special feature in this sub-module is that based on the quality of performance, the employee is awarded points, which are then collated at the end of the appraisal period for assessing employee performance. This helps to generate a healthy spirit of competition within the organization and makes the entire process of performance-based evaluation much easier.

Leave / Holiday Calendar :

The module consists of a leave and holiday calendar which gives details of all leave records of employees, along with an annual holiday calendar.

Employee Availability :

Staffing schedules can be efficiently organized in this sub-module – this screen gives you an overview of the entire team and the availability of the team members – the HR team stays informed about employees at all times, whether an individual is available in the office or is he at lunch; if he is out of office or on leave for the day. This module helps to easily track employee availability and define employee access.

Employee Information :

To deal comprehensively with employee information and HR issues this module consists of an HR Handbook, which is displayed online to give clear advice to employees and thereby helps to create a culture wherein issues are dealt with clearly and consistently. 

The Employee Self-Service module contains other helpful features too, like a provision for punching in Travel/Meal Expenses, a meetings scheduler, a Helpdesk that supports suggestions, receives complaints and addresses queries and a Performance- based Payroll Info and Salary Tracker. Other add-on features like “Employee of the Month”, “Career and Job Postings” and “Employee Contract and Increment” details make the HR module a must-have for every organization.